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Welcome Message

Welcome to the website on the second round of public consultation on the review of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (COIAO).

The Government commenced a comprehensive review of the COIAO and completed the first round of public consultation in 2009. The first round consultation confirms general support for retaining the COIAO regulatory regime, strengthening of publicity and public education programmes and imposition of heavier penalties for breaches to enhance the deterrent effect of the Ordinance.

On 16 April 2012, the Government launched the second round public consultation on the review of the COIAO. We wish to hear from the community on the outstanding issues, particularly on how to reform the institutional set-up of the Obscene Articles Tribunal and the extent to which the maximum penalties under the current regime should be raised.

The second round of public consultation ended on 15 July 2012. The report on the public consultation and the public views collected have been uploaded to this website, which you are welcome to continue to browse.